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As performing health collective, we are committed to bringing performance and artistic work to health and health care.  The professional home of LJ Nelles and Julia Gray, performing health collective brings a wealth of experience together as we move forward with cross-disciplinary work between artists and health/medical professionals.

We will be presenting our work “Seeing the Forest” on December 1, 2011, at SIM-ONE.  “Seeing the Forest” is a theatrical play based on research about patient safety culture in hospitals by Drs Deborah Tregunno and Liane Ginsberg of York University’s Faculty of Health.  The play, co-written by Julia and Dr Gail Mitchell (also of York U), was directed by LJ and features a cast of professional actors including Melina Nacos, Mark Prince, Allison Lawrence and Tim Machin. The play continues to be a hit as it has been performed several times over the past two years – other cast members in the past have included Sarah Machin Gale and Melissa Morris.